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Our Mission

At Busy Mum Health, we're more than just a supplement company; we're your trusted partner on your journey to a healthier, happier you. We understand that as a busy Mum, your well-being is a top priority, and that's why we've carefully crafted a line of supplements tailored specifically to your needs.

With a focus on quality and transparency, we offer three essential products: Natural Protein, Collagen, and Magnesium. Our commitment is simple yet powerful - to provide Mums with supplements they can trust, always.

We believe that your health is a lifelong investment, and we're here to support you every step of the way. Join us in embracing a healthier, more vibrant life with Busy Mum Health."


Hi I'm Kelly Rennie.  My fitness and wellness journey commenced in the picturesque landscapes of New Zealand, where my childhood was steeped in a love for physical activity and sports. From gymnastics to kickboxing, rugby, and daily exercise, my early experiences unknowingly sowed the seeds for my future accomplishments.

Relocating to the UK

Leaving behind New Zealand, I embarked on a decade-long adventure in the United Kingdom. Initially unsure of my path, I grappled with the persistent feeling that I was yet to fulfill my potential.

Everything changed on a fateful day, May 5th, 2010.

I remember the date precisely because it marked the day I took the reins of my life. Sitting in my local café, I resolved to compile a list of ambitious goals. Among them was the aspiration to compete in a physique contest. The very next day, I took action, seeking out a local trainer with bodybuilding expertise. They agreed to train me, and I entered the Natural Figure Bodybuilding Competition.

Months of Dedication

With unwavering commitment to a strict diet and rigorous training, I achieved 3rd place in the UK Figure Division of the British Natural Bodybuilding Federation. Shortly thereafter, I proudly became a sponsored athlete for Optimum Nutrition in the UK and Designer Physique in Australia.

In December 2010, I secured victory in the overall World Sports Model Agency Competition. The following year, I found myself competing in the BNBF Britain finals.

From that point onward, my dedication to health and fitness has yielded a multitude of rewards. Today, I stand as one of the United Kingdom's foremost fitness models. My collaborations include renowned names in the fitness industry, such as bodybuilding.com and Optimum Nutrition. Additionally, I was the proud owner of two thriving Prime Mover gyms, recognized as Sheffield's premier fitness and fat loss centers.

 Recent Years

Much has changed in recent years. I am now blessed with two wonderful daughters, Nevaeh and Eden, who fill my life with boundless joy. Parenthood has brought both its joys and challenges. Following the birth of Eden, I became acutely aware of the difficulties that can arise when attempting to shed weight, especially when time is limited. This realisation prompted me to amalgamate my experiences as a mother and a fitness trainer, culminating in a practical lifestyle program tailored to help Mums achieve optimal results while juggling family life. This was also where my passion for finding the right supplement line for Mums sprung from.

Today, I am honored to boast the following credentials:

  • International Fitness Model & Athlete
  • Optimum Nutrition Athlete
  • Author of "The Fit Mommy Manual" & Busy Mum Syndrom
  • Columnist for www.bodybuilding.com, Oxygen
  • Contributing Writer for New Zealand Fitness Magazines and numerous others
  • Featured on the covers of leading fitness publications
  • Prominent Fitness Professional & Business Coach
  • Pre and Post Natal Expert
  • The "Busy Mum Fitness" 12-Week Program & UBM