Busy Mum Relax, Replenish and Restore Bundle

Busy Mum Relax, Replenish and Restore Bundle

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Purchase the Busy Mum Restore and Replenish Bundle and receive:

- Busy Mum Replenish Protein

- Busy Mum Restore Collagen

- Busy Mum Relax Magnesium, Zinc and Aminos

- Bonus Smoothie Ebook

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Busy Mum Replenish - Plant Protein

1KG 40 SERVES REPLENISH PLANT PROTEIN 100% Natural, sourced from Pea Protein Isolate derived from yellow peas and has a highly concentrated amino acid profile.

This means Replenish Plant Protein can be used as a direct replacement or alternative to dairy proteins.

Pea protein has been shown to be a highly absorbable protein with 90-97% of the protein being digestible. One of the major advantages of Pea Protein over Whey Protein is that it is an alkaline protein, which helps support overall general health and well-being by helping to decrease acidity in the body.

Replenish Plant Protein is vegetarian and vegan friendly, is cholesterol and fat-free and is naturally flavoured and sweetened. The natural sweetener in Vege Protein is Thaumatin which is 100% natural. Thaumatin is a mixture of proteins isolated from the Katemfe fruit.

Adding a quality protein source like Replenish Plant Protein to your diet is a vital component of a healthy lifestyle.


Mix 25 grams (approx 2 level scoops) into 300ml of water. For best mixing results use a shaker bottle and shake vigorously for 20 seconds.

 Busy Mum Restore Collagen

300 GRAMS 30 SERVES HYDROLYSED COLLAGEN Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body and accounts for over 30% of the body’s protein. Several clinical studies have shown the positive health benefits of collagen peptides in relation to skin, bones, joints & weight management. Active Naturals Hydrolysed Collagen is pure, tasteless and odourless collagen that can easily be mixed with other proteins to provide a balanced protein blend.

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Mix 10 grams (approx 2 level scoops) into liquid or food of your choice. For best results use a shaker bottle.

Busy Mum Relax

Busy Mum Relax is a supplemented food that combines a synergistic blend of Zinc, Magnesium and Prickly Pear plus the beneficial amino acids, Glycine, Taurine and Glutamine. These are supported by Vitamin’s B6 and C for enhanced bioavailability to supply busy mums with a premium nutritional supplement to aid them in achieving their nutritional and recovery goals.

Relax is a powdered drink base and provides a refreshing serving of key vitamins, minerals and amino acids to aid with recovery, which may also assist with longer, deeper sleep cycles. Each serve can be sprinkled over food, added to protein shakes or simply mixed with water to make up a refreshing lemon or grape-tasting drink.

Mix 3.9 grams (one level 5ml scoop) in a shaker bottle with up to 200mls of water and shaker for 15 seconds. Take one serve daily, preferably 30 minutes prior to sleeping.